Møller Bil Motorsport is a Norwegian racing team, competing in the German VLN Endurance Championship at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Photo: P.H. Berg

The team has been competing in the VLN Championship since 2008, and won some races in the SP3T-class with an Audi TT 2,0 TFSI from 2008-2012. Before the 2013 season the team bought a new car, a brand new factory-build Audi TT 2,0 TFSI. This is a car for the same class, but the car is a bit different, and Møller Bil Motorsport now has a technical partnership with Raeder Motorsport.


Møller Bil Motorsport normally competes in half of the VLN-races. Therefore the Norwegian team cannot win the championship, but the goal is to do as good as possible in the races they start.

Drivers are Håkon Schjærin, Atle Gulbrandsen and Kenneth Østvold. Schjærin is a Nürburgring-veteran, who started to race in the VLN Championship in 1995. Gulbrandsen, who works as a F1 commentator in Norway, is a former Norwegian racing champion, and has raced in the VLN Championship since 2005. Young Østvold is a former Norwegian karting champion, and has raced in the VLN Championship since 2011.


Møller Bil is Norway’s largest car agency, and the mechanics works for different dealerships and workshops in Norway. At each race the team also has some new “guest mechanics” that gets the possibility to experience how it feels to be a race mechanic for the first time.


The team also has a hospitality department with guides for all the sponsor guests at each race.


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